‘The Devil Has The Best Tuna’ gives an insight on our path thus far – splendid stuff.

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“Since the success of Mumford & Sons everywhere you turn in Britain you stumble across a gang of faux folkies with a fiddle player, a second hand banjo, hobo facial hair and a charity shop waiscoat. It’s not radical, it’s not alternative and it’s no less manufactured than the standard chart pap clogging up the nation’s airwave arteries.

Stratford five piece My Grey Horse have been unfairly tagged as folk by some, clearly hard of hearing, observers. Let me make it clear My Grey Horse are a pop band pure and simple. Johnny Edison is alt-pop so smart it could ace the mensa test. In the wrong hands Waste of Air would be a twee finger in the air folk ballad. In My Grey Horse’s hands it’s transcendent pop. Mumford & Sons would sell their bearded grandmothers to write something this good.

Saddle up and enjoy the ride.”

Please check out the article here.

My Grey Horse latest addition to CRC Music roster

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After a busy 2010/’11, we are pleased to announce that my grey horse have signed with CRC music group. We would like to thank all of you for your support and we’re enthralled by the positive reception that we’ve been receiving. This is going to be an extremely busy time for us but ah heck, we all love the summer.

Thanks again!

John, Pete, Oobah, Joe and Tom.

John’s Blog page

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